Store Reviews

There are many China wholesalers on Internet, but few are reliable. With our experience, we made a list of some reliable ones and we put them in these store reviews.

We think that a good online store should offers a good variety of product types, a website easy to use (with categories and many ways to sort a search), a secure environment, a good online reputation, an online support ready to help customers and have the commitment with customers in cases when something wrong happens (wrong items received, items missing from the order, delivery is delayed or broken items received).

Dealextreme Review

dealextreme china wholesaler store reviews

Online Reputation

The domain DEALEXTREME.COM was registered at 26/12/2006 and it receives a lot of visits per day. With so many customers, it is difficult for Dealextreme to maintain your reputation, but they have a good online reputation, with many positive feedback, reviews and recommendations (there are some problematic cases, but generally the problem is related to a poor post office service outside Hong Kong).

Website Usability

The Dealextreme’s website is very easy to use. You can browse by the categories menu or by the search system. To make things easy, you can even sort the products by “relevance“, “release date“, “price“, “popularity” or “reviews” (quantity). By the way, there is a “Advanced Search” system that brings more accurate results.


Regarding security, the website of this store has a valid SSL certificate, which briefly means that you can add a “s” after the “http” if you want an encrypted connection between your computer and the Dealextreme’s server (including login page). If you have no experience in shopping online, we recommend you use the PayPal service for financial transactions.

Other Thoughts

Dealextreme has a system that rewards you with points every time you purchase something, write a product review or do some others activities. These points, called “DX Reward Points“, can be redeem to purchased some uncommon goods in a specific page of the store.

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