Wamo Pro Bluetooth Controller Review

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A few days ago we wrote a IPEGA PG-9017 review, which helped some customer to know the device better. We recommend that you read it, because there may be some useful information (including comments) that you won't find in this review.

This time, we would like to review the Wamo Pro, another Bluetooth controller (Xbox 360 controller/Moga Pro comfortable ergonomic design) that works with Android, iOS and PC. This Bluetooth gamepad also has an extensible grip to support different smartphone sizes.

The Wamo Pro is manufactured by "SZ Wamo" and was bought on Dealextreme (sku.222605). The package came with the following items:

  • 1x Wamo Pro Bluetooth controller.
  • 1x ~148cm USB cable (used to recharge the Bluetooth gamepad or to update the Wamo Pro firmware).
  • 1x User manual (English and Chinese).

Features of the Wamo Pro

  • 4 modes of use: Gamepad, Keyboard, App and iOS (details later).
  • GREAT dpad, analogs and buttons quality.
  • Extensible grip (9cm).
  • Bluetooth 3.0 (it works with older Bluetooth devices too).
  • 6~8 meters of wireless range.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Compatible with PC (tested on Windows 7).
  • 500mAh built-in lithium battery.
  • Buttons: A, B, X, Y, LB, LT, RB, RT, Select, Start, L3, R3 and HOME.
  • Pads: one D-Pad and two Analogs.
  • Material: plastic.

Check our YouTube channel for more Wamo Pro videos.

Will my smartphone fit in the Wamo Pro grip?

wamo pro extensible grip

The Wamo Pro grip (or clamp/holder) extension is limited, so you only will be able to attach smartphones whose width is around 9cm. If your smartphone width (smartphone + case thickness) is bigger than that (is there any?), then you will not be able to use this wireless Bluetooth controller, at least not using the grip.

How to use the Wamo Pro Bluetooth Controller

As with IPEGA PG-9017, this Android Bluetooth controller (also works on iOS) only requires a device with Bluetooth in order to work. However, in practice, there may be compatibility issues, so you would have to seek solutions on Internet forums or developers.

Below we will explain the usual way of use, which should be enough for most of the owners. After that, we will put some extra information regarding workarounds and apps that may help you in case of problems while connecting the Wamo Pro to your smartphone. So, to connect Wamo Pro to your Android smartphone do the following:

Step 1: Download and install "Wamo Ground" app from SZ Wamo's website (see note 1).
Step 2: Open "Wamo Ground" (see image 1).

wamo pro bluetooth controller wamo ground app

Step 3: Click on "My equipment" in the lower menu (see image 2 and note 2).

wamo pro bluetooth controller wamo ground app

Step 4: Hold down X button for "GAMEPAD MODE" (others buttons start others modes - details in the next section).
Step 5: Still holding the before button, hold down HOME button until lights start blinking.
Step 6: Release both buttons.
Step 7: Back to "Wamo Ground" app, click on the Bluetooth ON button in case Bluetooth is off (see image 3).

wamo pro bluetooth controller wamo ground app

Step 8: Click on "Add equipment" (see image 4).

wamo pro bluetooth controller wamo ground app

Step 9: App will list any equipment around, including WamoPro (with MAC address). Click on "Binding" button related to your WamoPro device (see image 5).

wamo pro bluetooth controller wamo ground app

Step 10: After successful connection, the first light will stay on (others modes have others light combination) and app will open a test screen so you can check if the Bluetooth gamepad are working properly (press buttons to see a response).
Step 11: Close "Wamo Ground" app by pressing BACK or HOME button.
Step 12: Open your prefered app/emulator and map buttons according as you prefer.

Case you have problems even following those steps, know that there are some useful apps that may help you. One of them is the custom Bluez IME with support to Wamo Pro (only in GAMEPAD mode for now). For us, it helped fix some connectivity problems with the HTC Desire HD (ROM ViperDHD v2.2.0). This custom Bluez IME also has support to IPEGA PG-9017 thanks to DiegoBaeza.

Others apps (for Android) that may help you are:

  • GameKeyboard: Useful to play touch-only games with physical gamepad (and other things).
  • Mupen64+ AE: Inside this Nintendo 64 emulator there is a diagnostic tool ("Settings" -> "Input" -> "Controller" -> "Controller diagnostics") to help you test gamepads.
  • Tincore Keymapper: Useful to play touch-only games with physical gamepad.
  • Wamo Key IME: Similar to GameKeyboard, but with less options (SZ Wamo's app).
  • MOGA VK: Case a game/app itsn't compatible with Wamo Pro (though compatible with keyboard) or you want to remap buttons.

Which MODE should I use?

For retro games that don't need analog stick, such as Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo (NES), Master System, Mega Drive (Genesis) and Arcade, KEYBOARD mode should be the simpler mode for you, but you can also use GAMEPAD or APP modes too since they have more buttons.

For retro games that use analog sticks, such as Nintendo 64 and Playstation (PSX), GAMEPAD or APP are recommended since both have 2 real analogs (emulator must be compatible with real analogs and Android 3.1+ are required).

For Android gaming, GAMEPAD or APP are recommended, but there may be cases that KEYBOARD mode may be useful (old games without current updates for instance).

For PC gaming, more specifically talking about retro gaming (emulators), GAMEPAD (see note 3) should be compatible with most of the emulators and has a lot of buttons. Switch to KEYBOARD mode in case your emulator is not compatible with POV Hat (Dpad won't work).

Now, case you want play real PC games, then search for X360CE to play games compatible with Xbox 360 controller and search for Xpadder to play games that aren't compatible.

Finally, for iOS games, SZ Wamo recommends iOS mode (button B), but they said that currenctly there are just a few games that support Wamo Pro device.

Mode Button
Gamepad X
Keyboard A
App Y

Where can I buy this Wamo Pro?

This Wamo Pro Bluetooth controller is for sale at Dealextreme for about $30. You can also buy it on SZ Wamo's account in Taobao (Chinese website).

Note 1: SZ Wamo is planning to release an English version of "Wamo Ground" app. When they do, I will update this review.

Note 2: The English names used above was explain by a SZ Wamo employee during a chat. I don't know Chinese.

Note 3: In Windows 7, after finding WamoPro and before pairing, right-click on WamoPro, click on "Properties", click on "Services" tab and then enable "Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID)" option.


  1. Thanks brother. May u test kof2002 using wamo game centre download rom? I found the left joystick only has 4 angle and the move not sensitive after a minute. using note 2

    1. Hi, Mr. Hope.

      Answering you question, I didn't try Wamo Game Center much, because I don't know Chinese and Bluetooth connection in that app were unstable with my HTC Desire HD. However, I asked your question to SZ Wamo's guys and they told me that it should work in your Note 2 with "Bitgames IME" enabled. If you are trying to play an emulator outside WGC, then X or A + HOME connection should be enough.
      Case you want to try an alternative app to connect Wamo Pro, I recommend the Bluez IME that I posted in this review above. Also, there are some others Arcade emulators that should run kof2002.

  2. It is not as smooth as the wamo staff say. The blue tooth signal fade out after a minutes. I am quite sure it is the problem from the wamo game centre apps as it wont happen in other emu.

    And in fact the wamo game centre has lot more collection than other emu. Thats why i stick on it.

    Btw do u have any emu recommended with link and rom? Tks

    1. For me (HTC Desire HD), the WGC was unstable and many emulators didn't recognized its press events. So I end up using Bluez IME.
      Send me an email (use the "Contact" page). I'll try to help you about links.

  3. hi mate first of all tnx for the review! got mine right after browsing your site!
    but i have a problem with my controller n i though that maybe you could help me out..
    when im playing with my phone its works great! no issues at all, but when i connect the gamepad to my pc(running windows 8) every time i press the down D-pad the all gamepad get stuck...only when i release the d-pad (stop moving back in games) its working...any idea what to do? \=
    or when they gonna publish any windows 8 drivers?

    1. Hi, Doron.

      When I use it in my Windows 7 I have to do the steps in "Note 3" (above) or else it doesn't work. Is there any similar option in Windows 8?
      Another question, after pairing the device in Windows 8, what is the behavior of the Bluetooth controller in joystick control panel (I don't know its name - I just type "joystick" in START menu and pick "Set up USB game controllers"). Does the problem that you mentioned happen even there?

    2. wasn't able to follow note 3 it was not possible for me to find those settings...
      windows 8 is ok with wamo i didn't have any issues what so ever with connecting, the only thing is doing wrong is D-pad down (also under game controllers properties the D-pad is still not working...everything works fine but the D-pad down issue...(still while connected to my galaxy s2 its works perfectly fine)
      btw i really appreciate your help

    3. Did you try every mode to see if one is working? I wouldn't recommend B button since it is more suitable for iOS.
      Also, I'm using one of those mini Bluetooth dongle on sale at Dealextreme.
      If you want, I could send to you my driver files that Windows 7 is currently using (you can try to update your drivers). Email me if you want that so I can reply to you with the files.
      Finally, SZ Wamo has a software (and files) to update Wamo Pro firmware through USB. You can try that if nothing else work. I updated mine once (don't remember the version).

    4. i could not find your mail so i have send you my mail through the contact page is it okay ? tnx for the help i would like to have your drivers and the update version ..man i dont know how to tnx u...

  4. Hi how did you connect it to the win7 pic.when I pair it to the pc it pairs but there is NO 'connect' option afterwards to connect the gamepad to the win7 pc.Also do I need to install the x360ce driver for it to work?could you post a small tutorial on this?

    1. To use it in Windows 7 we had to do those things in "Note 3" (above). Regarding x360ce, it depends what you are trying to play. For instance, retro emulators don't need it.

  5. Hi! Great post! Unfortunately, I could not get it to work on Win 7, not even following the note 3 you mentioned. When I pair the pad, there is not such thing as "Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID)", but just a "SPP Dev" option, that opens a port. I tried all the combinations, especially HOME + A, but asides from a weird blinking showing, I can´t use the joystick. I tried Xpadder and JoyToKey to detect it, but it never showed up. It did not show up on Trine 2, a game that I also tried it on. Any clues on how to make it work? Thank you for your time and help!

    1. Here I right-click Wamo Pro before clicking "Next" in the "Add a device" screen. Then I select "Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID)". By the way, I'm using X+HOME combination.

  6. I think this is the same controller geekbuying renamed to g910
    Maybe you guys should try there game center it might work , at least it's in English

  7. Hi! I solved it deleting the added device and adding it again, but not just pressing HOME, like the manual says, but pressing HOME+A when adding the device. Thank you anyway!

  8. Mateus S. VasconcelosJanuary 6, 2014 at 7:59 AM

    Can someone post a video of the joy on the pc?

  9. Hi, I cannot find the Wamo ground app....how to download? Which one is it? Please help?

    1. Try to download the apps in


    2. I've done it and it doesn't appear, at least with that name.

  10. My wamo doesn't work in games. In bluez IME si all fine, i can connect with my HTC EVO 3D with Wamo, then I test in Mupen64 plus AE if all keys on wamo works, they do... even in a text input they are writing letters or numbers, but it doesn't work in any game. I tried supported games like Shadowgun, dead triger, nothing... in shadowgun was gamepad greyed out in settings. But in one rpg called armed heroes there I could move with arrows, only... no other keys were working. I mapped the moving from arrows to joystick on the wamo, and it wasn't working anymore in armed heroes, it worked only while it was mapped on the arrows, where can be a problem? :(

    1. You could try to map buttons (keycodes) in Bluez IME like a Xperia Play


      Not sure if that will work with all Xperia Play supported Android game, but worked for some that we tested.

  11. Had it for a couple of days and still experimenting with it in both windows 7 and 8 as well as on android. One big problem I haven't yet found a workaround is actually connecting the device. I am pairing it and use it for a while but when it goes in standby or I turn it off I cannot reconnect.

    In windows I finally made it work with some games like Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas using 360CE application, but every time I want to use it I have to delete the device and restart the whole pairing and drivers installing procedure. Isn't there a way to make it reconnect automatically with the device it paired last??

    On android I found a few games that can use it just after pairing (dead trigger 2, etc.) but I encountered the same problem when I want to connect the gamepad again after switching it off. Strangely on my phone (xperia Z) is reconecting but on my android tablet is not. any ideeas / advices?

    1. For Windows, there is a software that I wanted give a try: "Bluesoleil". I used once with Wiimote and I'm not wrong, it has the remember feature for reconnecting devices.
      For Android, keep an eye on the app "Tincore Keymapper". The developer received a Wamo Pro sample, so maybe he can improve his app for this device.

  12. I have succesfully connected the gamepad(G910) to a Windows 7 PC, and been able to play games with the Dolphin Wii/Gamecube emulator! But I haven't been able to get the gamepad to automatically reconnect to the PC when I turn it on, I have to remove the gamepad in my Devices and Printers and redo the connection process. Have you found any solutions to this? Thnx!

    1. As I told to Radu, try the software Bluesoleil. Maybe it can help with the reconnecting problems.

    2. Have you ever had any problems reconnecting the gamepad to your phone after it has been connected to a PC? I'm trying to reconnect it to my phone but it keeps saying Error: connection refused. I'm using Bluez IME Wamo X Pro with a HTC One.

    3. Yes, every time. What I do to fix that is go to Android Bluetooth settings and unpair/forget the Wamo Pro. After that, I open Bluez IME and do the connection steps as a new device.

    4. Thanks, your blog and answers have been very helpful!
      I have been trying to get the gamepad to work with Tincore Keymapper, and it recognizes the buttons and triggers but so far haven't been able to make it work with any games. I'll just keep using Bluez IME with the Wamo support, that works great!
      Keep up the good work!

  13. Do i have to connect to windows 8.1 32-bit in home+x mode?Same procedure as Windows 7 ?It's connecting in home+A mode but not working in games.Any ideas?Suggestions?i really need this up&running in Windows 8.1

  14. Instruction for connecting to Windows 8:Connect Wamo to windows pc bluetooth(native or dongle) in Gamepad mode(X+Home).Now install Xpadder.(If you buy the latest,win8 is already supported). If you install last free build,5.7 ,Right-mouse on .exe and goto Properties>Compatibility>run in compatibility mode>select 'windows 7' in the drop-down menu.Run Xpadder in Admin mode and create a new profile and assign controls.Then click on the settings button beside the controls and assign corresponding keyboard shortcuts or mouse controls.Save your profile and Control.Now Start game in admin mode and you're in business!Please check the Xpadder forum for setting up advanced features in Xpadder,like Autodetect,which allows Xpadder to automatically load correct control profile for selected game.This is tested working with VERY low latency on Acer Iconia Windows 8 device.Wamo Pro is an outstanding gamepad for $30. If you have any questions i'd be happy to help.Hope this helps!-Rob

  15. Also i forgot to add that with the method of connecting to win 8 mentioned above,you can retain your pairing,ie.,Wamo reconnects automaticatically to win8 with no drama at all.No need to redo connection process.Enjoy;-) -Rob

  16. @Radu Octavian If you're running Skyrim&Fallout on Win8 give my method above a whirl.You should be fine.No reconnecting,reinstalling stuff.Your Xperia reconnecting and your tablet not could be due to your tablet being bluetooth 2.0 while the Wamo's 3.0 and the xperia is 3.0 or 4.0 Higher bluetooth versions have better id-management.-Rob

  17. can anyone post a video or detailed response on how to use wamo pro on an iphone 5. i seen the infinityreview youtube videos but there is none on an iphone or even ipod i can get it to connect to my phones bluetooth but io cant play any games please help

  18. I also share something that when I'm playing with my Android Tablet PC,its works great! no issues at all, but when i connect the gamepad to my pc(running windows 8) every time i press the down D-pad the all gamepad get stuck. and more that I have to delete the device and restart the whole pairing and drivers installing procedure. Isn't there a way to make it reconnect automatically with the device it paired last??

  19. @Liza Jenifer Connecting properly to Windows 8 has been explained 5 posts up. Please read the thread before asking questions as the answers might already be present.

    @Anonymous with trouble on IPhone 5: Please connect in icade mode . Also remember only a Handful of iPhone games work with this gamepad.

  20. No link available on wamo site? any other place where to get the apk for android?

  21. is this compatible with windows 8.1 tab, specifically, the acer iconia w4?

  22. please can you upload the app wamo graun because wamo page is not working.

  23. I can't pairing with PC

    before pairing, right-click on WamoPro, click on "Properties", click on "Services" tab and then enable "Drivers for keyboard, mice, etc (HID)" option. <--- this option is not in there

    please help me

  24. I just got mine today, and I can't get it to work with under my PC running windows 7 64-bit. I tried the steps in note 3, there was no options in the services window, it was blank (it searched for a while, there was a loading wheel, but nothing afterwards). I tried some different pc apps too, like xpadder, x360ce, but they don't see the controller too. I tried only the gamepad (x+home) and the keyboard (a+home) modes, but the three lights only blink and nothing happens. Please someone help me out with a fix, I want to use this controller as like it's an xbox360 one, and play some PC games like NBA 2K14 and DC Universe Online. Thanks.

  25. @Anonymous Yes this was SPECIFICALLY tested on the Acer Iconia W4 with VERY low latency.Enjoy;-)-Rob

  26. Can this hold samsung galaxy mega 6.3?

  27. Download configuration for Wamo Pro gamepad, to use it as Xbox 360 gamepad for PC with WoJ Emulator Pro:

  28. How do I pair this with a ps3. i get code fail everytime. i dont get option to enter and it wont pair without one.