7 Color LED Alarm Clock Review (with calendar, temperature and more)

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Presentation of the 7 Color LED Alarm Clock

In this review, we would like to present this 7 color LED alarm clock that we received from Chinabuye (SKU:30081). It is a simple digital clock that has 7 color lights (check the video below) and has some other functions besides clock. The package also includes an user manual, where there are all the instructions to configure and use this device (model HSD110A).

Regarding its quality, it is made of plastic, has a LCD display (vertically) to show its functions and has a base so you can put it, for instance, over a table in your home or office.

Following are the features of this LED alarm clock:

  • 7 different colors LED (it is optional turning it on).
  • Clock / Time function (12 or 24 hour format selection).
  • Alarm Clock function (8 alarm musics).
  • Temperature function (Celsius or Fahrenheit selection). (*)
  • Calendar function (day, month and day of the week from 2000 to 2099).
  • Countdown Timer function (maximum: 180 minutes and 59 seconds - 3:00:59).
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • LED life about 100000 hours (or 11 years).

To switch among these functions, press the "M" button (underside) or push the screen lightly to back (check the images above or the video below). By the way, at the underside you will encounter 4 buttons to configure the functions, a switch (left) that, when ON, will return the display to clock function after 10 seconds of idle (without pressing any key) on any other function and a switch related to the colored back lights. That last one (back light) has 3 states to control:

  • OFF: No back light.
  • ON: Colored lights all the time (be careful with battery power).
  • TR: Colored lights will be on while some operation is being made then will off after 10 seconds of idle.

Now talking about the alarm function, it has a mono speaker at the underside and its sound quality is probably enough if the purpose is just waking you up, unless, of course, if you have a very deep sleep that prevents you from listening the alarm sound.

Since we do not have the knowledge in music, we only recognized two of the eight musics: "Happy Birthday To You" and "William Tell Overture: Finale". However, case you are curious about the alarm musics (do not expect a MP3 quality), and other things, we made the video below showing the main features of this 7 color LED alarm clock.

As showed in the video, the back light colors are very cool, but they are for short time enjoyment, so do not turn it on for long time or else the batteries will run out more quickly.

Where can I buy this 7 Color LED Alarm Clock

This bedside clock (and other locations) is for sale for about $7.8 at Chinabuye (check this link). Good product for gifting someone or to decorate your home/office.

Note 1: According to Chinabuye's description, it can display temperatures between 0º and 50º Celsius with a precision of ±1ºC.

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