Wireless Alarm for Door and Window Review

wireless alarm for door and window review wireless alarm for door and window review wireless alarm for door and window review wireless alarm for door and window review

This wireless alarm (sku.826) consists of two small pieces, one containing 3 (three) LR44 batteries (or AG13) and a ON/OFF switch and the other containing only a magnetic bar. When these pieces get separate, for example when a door is opened, the alarm goes off a loud sound and treble (90dB to 105dB), which ends scaring any undesirable person.

It is not necessary to use wires, the alarm is small and both pieces that compound the alarm have a double-side adhesive tape backside to simplify the attachment.

Ease of Use

This wireless alarm is recommended to be used on doors and windows of your house, but you also can use it to secure compartments, for instance.

To install the home alarm, you just need to stick (use the double-side adhesive tape) the main piece (that one with the batteries) on the edge of your door (or window), stick the other piece on the door frame and turn on the alarm, but make sure that the two pieces are aligned (there is a reference line on the main piece).

The maximum distance between the two pieces without the alarm going off is 10 mm (approximately).


Considering its usefulness, this wireless entry alarm has a good cost/benefit relation with its price for about $1.8 at Dealextreme (also sold at Tinydeal).

If you are looking for a cheap home alarm, then probably this one will be a great candidate.

Build Quality

Regarding the build quality, the wireless alarm has a loud sound and the double-side adhesive tape is OK. The only problem was that we bought 3 (three) alarms, but 1 (one) of them did not work.


Although simple, this wireless alarm is very useful for those who want to spend a bit and have a simple solution to protect their homes. If you prefer, you can also use it, for instance, to avoid children from opening doors of compartments containing hazardous materials.

As discussed in the Dealextreme's forum, perhaps the loud sound can makes some animals feel stressed. Unfortunately, we could not confirm that, so it is up to you to be careful when the wireless alarm goes off.

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