USB Video Capture Adapter (Easycap Review)

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With this little USB device you can plug it in your computer and capture audio and video signals from RCA or S-Video inputs, which includes VCR's, video games and surveillance cameras signals. In other words, you can use this USB video capture adapter as a "RCA to USB" adapter as well as a "S-Video to USB" adapter and configure some PAL and NTSC settings.

The product package contains the capture adapter, a manual from EasyCap, a 50 cm USB extension cable and a CD with some drivers and a capture software called "Ulead Video Studio 8.0 SE DVD". Depending on your operation system, the drivers included on CD may not work in your computer.

In Dealextreme there is another version of this adapter (sku.11267), but we do not know the differences. We only know that using this video capture adapter reviewed by us we managed to use it in a Windows Vista x64 and in a Windows XP SP3. Also, there are some users at Dealextreme that said they have managed to install this device in some Linux and Mac OS systems. Below are some driver links (we only tested the Windows Vista x64 driver).

  • (Linux drivers)
  • (Mac OS X drivers)
  • (Vista and Seven x64 drivers)

Ease of use

You can easily use it by plugging it in one of the USB ports of your computer, installing the drivers (if the operation system does not install automatically) and opening the viewer software included on CD to start capturing any audio and video signals from an external device plugged in the RCA or S-Video input.

If the capture software included on CD it is not enough, you can use another capture software (VirtualDub or Windows Movie Maker, for examples).


About $9 can be considered a very cheap product. Once we saw this product in a mall store here in Brazil for about $80 (eighty dollars).


You can use it to record video game playing (Xbox 360, PS3 and others), convert VHS to DVD, watch and record on the computer video signals from surveillance cameras and some other things.

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