Review - Portable MP3 Player with TF Slot (micro SD)

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This portable MP3 player (sku.58281) has a TF slot (push-push type) for micro SD cards (not included), plays MP3 musics (it does not plays WMA), has a mini USB connector, does not have the shuffle function, has a 3.5 mm audio socket, has a clip-on design and does not have a LCD screen.

Actually, besides the MP3 player, the package contains also an USB cable of 80 cm (USB to mini USB), a white earphone (the MP3 player does not have a speaker), an English user manual and a box containing all these items.

Because of its clip, the compact design (10.5 x 5.3 x 4.3 cm) and its weight (86 grams), it is easy to carry this portable MP3 player with you.


This portable MP3 player with an iPod shuffle style is sold in different colors. Tinydeal and Focalprice also sold it in different colors, but Tinydeal only sells the portable MP3 player and a micro SD together, which is a little more expensive.

Anyway, below are some links to the different colors.

Dealextreme: black, blue, green, silver, golden and rose red.

Focalprice: green, blue, pink, silver and black.

Some descriptions say that it supports up to 8 GB and other say 4 GB, so we are not sure of which one you will receive. We tested our (bought at Focalprice) player just with a 2 GB micro SD.

Ease of Use

To use this portable MP3 player you just need to turn it on and connect an earphone. It will plays automatically any MP3 file that is stored in the micro SD.

As we said, it does not have a LCD screen, so to control the playing you have to use the buttons "Play/Pause", "Next track", "Previous track", "Volume up" and "Volume down". The manual says that if you hold the "Play/Pause" button for 3 seconds it will toggle the "Hold function" ON and OFF, but we did not manage to do that.

Some descriptions say that this MP3 player also plays WMA music files, but our product did not plays WMA files neither recognizes folders.

While playing or recharging, there will be a light turned on at the same side of the micro SD. Unfortunately, there is nothing indicating that the MP3 player is already recharged.

Build Quality

Starting with a good thing, this portable MP3 player has a TF slot connector of the push-push type, which makes easy to put and remove the micro SD. Just push the micro SD in the slot until you hear a click (put and remove).

The buttons are a little hard to press. Sometimes you press the "Next track" button, but the player recognizes that the "Play/Pause" button was pressed.

Besides the MP3 player emit a loud sound, do not expect too much from the earphone that come together. We recommend that you buy a better one.

Regarding the battery, the working time of this item is about 3 hours and the recharging time is about 4 hours.

Our product box came with some cracks, but it is probably a shipment problem (see images). If you intend to keep it to yourself then that is not a big deal.


It cost about $6.0, which is considered cheap for a portable MP3 player, an earphone and an USB cable, but you must remember that it will be necessary to buy a micro SD separately.

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