Neodymium Magnetic Balls 5mm Review - Black

Neodymium Magnets Balls review Neodymium Magnets Balls review Neodymium Magnets Balls review Neodymium Magnets Balls review

This curious item sold at Dealextreme (and others similar websites) is a pack containing 216 magnetic balls (a.k.a. buckyballs, neocubes and zen magnets) and a steel case. More specifically, these balls (or spheres) are neodymium magnets, the most widely-used type of rare-earth magnets (neodymium magnets are also know as NdFeB, Neo or NIB magnets).

Each sphere of this particular item (sku.30801) has 5mm of diameter and is black, but there is others sizes and colors as you will see below.


We have acquired only the item with 216 black magnetic balls of 5mm, but there are others items with different colors, quantity of balls and diameters. For example, if you did not liked the black color, then you can buy the gold color or the silver color version of this same item. Or then, if you think there is too much spheres in the package, then you can buy a pack containing 100 balls, 20 balls or only 10 balls.


This item is sold for about $26 (twenty-six) which, compared with others websites similar to Dealextreme, is a little expensive for a toy. For instance, Focalprice also has an item with 216 black neodymium magnetic balls of 5mm for about $15 (fifteen), which saves $11, but we cannot confirm if these two items have the same magnetic power.


These neodymium magnets are only a toy, but they are very strong magnets and very addictive. You can play for hours building shapes, patterns, sculptures and what else your imagination can think.

As they are very strong magnets, at first, these balls seem a little difficult to handle, but after a few hours playing with them you end up figuring out a way of handling them (a card is very useful).

Be careful, because these spheres can be eaten by children or pets.

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If you got curious about these neodymium magnets, then watch the video below.

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