LED Flashlight Keychain 22000 mcd Review – 10 pack

led flashlight keychain 10 pack review led flashlight keychain 10 pack review led flashlight keychain 10 pack review

This LED flashlight keychain (sku.1100) is a small item, but it is big deal that you can buy at Dealextreme, Focalprice or Tinydeal. It has a bright light (22000 mcd according to the specifications), is lightweight (about 7 grams each one), is powered by 2 (two) CR2016 batteries and, besides the simple ON/OFF button, it has a switch to keep the light on (powered) without pressing the button (if you prefer). By the way, instead of 1 (one), this item has 10 (ten) LED flashlight keychains.


We ordered this item only at Dealextreme, but we also found it at Focalprice and Tinydeal. According to the specifications, they all sell the same product (10 LED flashlight keychains) and have different color versions (plastic).

The color versions that they sell are:


This pack with 10 LED flashlight keychains costs about $4.5 in each store (each LED keychain will cost just $0.45!!!). Even if 10 (ten) keychains are too many, you can buy and give some to someone else as a gift, because they are too cheap.

Build Quality

The build quality of each flashlight keychain is good, specially the LED, which has a bright light (22000 mcd), but sometimes you may receive a damaged LED that does not turn on (problem in battery or LED). For example, we bought 10 (ten) flashlight keychains, but 1 (one) did not work.


This product is useful at the same situations that regular flashlights are, such as using it at dark environments or using it at blackouts. However, this LED flashlight keychain has the advantage of being small, which allows you to carry it everywhere you go.

If you intend to use it frequently, we recommend that you buy reserve batteries, because eventually the batteries will run out.

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